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Who We Are

- We are a group of anglers who wanted a better way to compete with our buddies while supporting sustainable fishing methods.
- We are a group of anglers that are passionate about the future of fishing. We promote and practice sustainable fishing. We have partnered with a leading biotech firm in the fishing industry, BioPar ([www.biopar.com](https://www.biopar.com)), to create the most advanced biological fish study ever. Using BioPar's TNT process, ("The Natural Tag"), every catch uploaded to the iCatchApp becomes part of the most comprehensive biological fish study ever!

Our Commitments

1. Responsible Fishing - Our tournaments are structured for sustainable fishing methods. Furthermore, the scientific work we are doing behind the scenes is helping ensure there will be fishing for generations to come.
2. We will NEVER share your catch locations with other anglers!iCatchApp uses your location for only 2 reasons:
A. To ensure you are eligible to compete in a tournament based on where you are fishing, and
B. To record data for the most comprehensive biological fish study ever that we are participating in!
- That's it! We vow NEVER to share your secret fishing spot with the world!

BIOPAR and the Biopar logo are registered trademarks of, and The Natural Tag and TNT are trademarks of Biopar, LLC. Patent No. 8,113,151.

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Do you have a successful YouTube channel? Are you the director of a Tournament Series or Fishing League? Maybe you have a large following in the fishing community? iCatch has created a unique opportunity for you to offer those who are following you! Becoming an affiliate of iCatch will allow you to create tournaments for your followers to compete in. They can compete for awesome prizes and trips!

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Are you a manufacturer, distributor or retailer in the fishing industry? Are you looking for a way to spread the word about your product? Why not sponsor a tournament! Or perhaps you want to hold a special event for your customers? You can create your own individually branded tournament!

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